Technical Support

Respondus offers a variety of resources for users. The Knowledgebase provides answers to frequently asked questions. The User Guides provide detailed information on all aspects of the software, whereas the Quick Start Guides are a good reference for new users. On-line help is available from within the Respondus and StudyMate Author applications (press the F1 key for context-sensitive help or select Help from the menu bar to choose a topic). Demonstration and training movies can be viewed from the Respondus Demo Library. Software patches may also be available for downloading.

Ticket-Based Support

If you have exhausted the above resources and still cannot resolve your problem, a ticket-based help system is available. Respondus staff will try to provide a response to your help ticket within 24 hours of submission, excluding weekends and U.S. holidays. However, please understand that limited resources have been dedicated to providing support for free products, such as Respondus LE.

Technical Support Guidelines

When submitting a support ticket, please be as detailed and specific as you can. In addition to the description of your problem, always include the following information:

If the problem relates to connecting to a Learning Management System, include which version of the LMS you are using. It may also be necessary to provide the information our support staff will need to connect to your online course (URL, User Name, Password, Course name). But first review the security policy for your institution since it may limit what account information can be sent to a third party.

If the problem relates to downloading a publisher test bank, please include all information that was provided by the publisher including the textbook title, file code, and password.