Respondus Monitor Pricing and Trial

Respondus Monitor

Pricing & Trial

Free Pilot and 200 Free Seats

A free 2-month pilot lets institutions try Respondus Monitor with no obligation. In addition, a college or university that licenses LockDown Browser receives a free 200-seat license of Respondus Monitor each year. Both options enable institutions to try Respondus Monitor with real courses, before having to choose a licensing option.

License for initial term

Flat Rate

The initial term is a flat rate with no limits on seat usage or exam sessions. This enables institutions to roll out Respondus Monitor and gauge interest across campus.

Licensing fee: $3950 (Annual fee will be prorated based on license start date.)

License options for subsequent terms

  • Tiered

    After the initial licensing term, many institutions opt for tiered licensing where seats can be purchased in increments of 1000. This option is ideal when expected use is in the low to moderate range, and growth is predictable.

    Base tier (1000 seats): $3950

    Additional tiers of 1000 seats can be purchased during the license term for $1950 each.

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  • Unlimited

    Unlimited licensing is for institutions wanting to make Respondus Monitor available across campus with no restrictions on usage. It’s ideal when rapid adoption is occurring, or when faculty are being encouraged to make greater use of online testing.

    Pricing is based on type and size of institution.

    Quotes are available upon request.

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  • Student Purchase

    Students purchase their own subscription for Respondus Monitor, valid for 12 months for all courses or exams that use Respondus Monitor at their institution.

    $15 for 12 months

    Payment is made the first time an exam requires the use of Respondus Monitor. Credit card, debit card, and Paypal accepted.

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Getting Started

Visit the Respondus Monitor Requirements page for technical requiremements and LMS compatibility.

Contact your Respondus Account Manager for more information.


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