The following items are currently available for download:

LockDown Browser

Students looking for LockDown Browser should contact their instructor or their school's Respondus Campus-wide Local Support Contact to obtain the download link. Each institution has a slightly different version of the application, so it must be downloaded from the correct location.

Respondus 4.0

Respondus 4.0 lets you create and manage exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Moodle, Pearson eCollege, and other learning management systems. Download Respondus 4.0 and request a free 30-day activation password today.

Respondus LE

Respondus LE is a print-only version of the Respondus test creation software that is available for free.

Publisher Test Banks

Publisher test banks that are compatible with Respondus, StudyMate Class and StudyMate Author are available. Instructors who adopt a participating textbook can request the ready-to-use test bank for free.

Supplemental Dictionaries

The Spell Checker tools in Respondus and StudyMate Author include three dictionaries: American English, Canadian English, and British English. A free set of supplemental dictionaries can be downloaded, which includes French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, and medical terminology.

Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Guides provide the essential information for getting started with Respondus, LockDown Browser, Respondus Monitor, StudyMate Class, or StudyMate Author.

User Guides

The Respondus, StudyMate Class and StudyMate Author user guides are provided as MS Word files, which can also be viewed using WordPad.

Demo Movie Library

The Demo Movie Library is a collection of "How to" movies that demonstrate various features in Respondus, LockDown Browser, Respondus Monitor, and StudyMate.