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Respondus Beta for Desire2Learn Users

We have just released a beta version of Respondus that enables assessments to be published directly to a Desire2Learn course. Until now, users had to manually export an assessment as an XML file from Respondus and then import that file to a Desire2Learn course. The updated Publish Wizard in Respondus will make the publishing and retrieval of quizzes seamless.

There are two steps to participating in the beta release. First, institutions must contact their Desire2Learn account manager and request that the “Integration Pack for Respondus” be installed to their Desire2Learn server.

Second, the institution’s administrator for the Respondus 3.5 Campus-wide License must download the beta software from the administrator area of our website. The beta software is located at the bottom of the main administrator page. Once downloaded, the software can be distributed to users at the institution.

The beta software will install to its own folder, so existing copies of Respondus 3.5 won’t be affected. And if users already have Respondus 3.5 installed, they won’t be prompted for installation codes during the installation of the beta version.

The beta version of Respondus that contains the updated Publish Wizard and Retrieval functions is currently only available to institutions that have a Campus-wide License of Respondus. The final release is expected to be available by late June.

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Originally Published: April 21, 2009

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