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Respondus Plug-in for Moodle

Moodle users often ask us whether Respondus 3.5 is compatible with Moodle, which is an “open source” course management system. In 2006, Elijah Atkinson (Humboldt State University) and Greg Mushial developed an open-source plug-in for Moodle called the “Respondus QTI Importer”. This plug-in allows the importing of test questions that have been exported from Respondus 3.5 in an XML format known as the IMS QTI. Respondus Inc. recently updated this plug-in and will provide maintenance and support of this code in the future. The following FAQs explain what the Respondus QTI Importer can do -- and what it can’t.

What is meant by a Moodle “plug-in”?
Moodle allows third-party developers to create open-source applications, called plug-ins, that can be added to a Moodle server. These plug-ins are NOT part of the core source code for Moodle, but an administrator can easily add them to their Moodle server so that users can access these additional features.

What does the Respondus QTI Importer do?
Once the plug-in is installed to the Moodle server, Moodle users can import files that have been exported from Respondus 3.5 in the IMS QTI 1.2 format. To save files in QTI 1.2 format, select the “IMS QTI 1.x” user personality from the Respondus “Start” menu. Then follow the instructions described in the following two knowledgebase articles: and

Does this plug-in allow Respondus 3.5 users to publish quizzes directly to Moodle?
Respondus 3.5 can publish quizzes (and quiz settings) directly to online courses in ANGEL, Blackboard, eCollege or WebCT. But with Moodle, the Respondus user must first save the assessment to QTI 1.2 format and then manually import the file within Moodle. It’s a few extra steps compared to other Respondus integrations.

Why is this called a "Respondus QTI" importer rather than just a "QTI" importer? Isn’t QTI an IMS Global standard?
Over the years, the IMS QTI 1.2 has been implemented in slightly different ways by various vendors. This can occur when there are gaps in a standard or when vendors extend features beyond the standard’s specifications. While many vendors have implemented QTI 1.2 in the same way as Respondus, some vendors output versions of QTI that differ in small, but significant ways. The name “Respondus QTI Importer” clearly indicates that the plug-in will work with QTI files that have been exported from Respondus applications. And since Respondus is taking on the technical support for this plug-in, it’s our way of saying that we won’t troubleshoot problematic QTI files that have been generated from other tools. (This is open source, but we can’t do everything for free!)

What version of Moodle is required for the Respondus QTI Importer?
The plug-in requires Moodle 1.5 or higher.

Where can the Respondus QTI Importer be downloaded?
Moodle administrators can download the plug-in at

If I have a problem with the Respondus QTI Importer, do I contact Moodle or Respondus?
Respondus is providing technical support for the Respondus QTI Importer (as it relates to QTI files exported from a Respondus product). If you have questions or problems, go to to review the knowledgebase or to open a support ticket.

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Originally Published: October 29, 2007

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