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McGraw-Hill Higher Education Partners with Respondus

McGraw-Hill Higher Education has announced an alliance with Respondus that will result in hundreds of McGraw-Hill Higher Education question banks being available from the Respondus Test Bank Network.  Faculty who adopt a participating textbook for their course will be able to obtain the Respondus-formatted question banks at no charge.

Faculty can request a McGraw-Hill question bank by going to and submitting the request form. Once the request is validated by McGraw-Hill staff, the instructor will receive an email containing the file code and password needed to download the question bank with their Respondus or StudyMate software.

Respondus-formatted test banks make it easy for instructors who use Respondus 3.5 to create tests and then publish them to Blackboard, WebCT, ANGEL, eCollege and other e-learning platforms. The same files can be downloaded and used with StudyMate, allowing fast creation of interactive Flash activities, games and self-assessments.

The demonstration movie “Downloading Publisher Test Banks” provides a brief overview of the Respondus Test Bank Network and shows how to download a publisher question bank using Respondus or StudyMate.

Question Banks Now Available
McGraw-Hill Higher Education has begun releasing question banks in Respondus format with hundreds more planned for the coming year. Some of the question banks currently available include:

Block & Hirt, Foundations of Financial Management 12/e
Edmonds, Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts 4e
Hill, International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace 6e
Insel, Core Concepts in Health Brief 10e
Lind, Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics 13e
McConnell-Brue, Economics 17/e
Nickels et al, Understanding Business 8/e
Perreault, Basic Marketing 16/e
Ross, Corporate Finance 8/e
Wild et al, Fundamental Accounting Principles 18/e

If there is a particular textbook from McGraw-Hill Higher Education that you’d like to have available from the Respondus Test Bank Network, select the “Suggest a Test Bank” link that appears after doing a textbook search.

For more information on the alliance between McGraw-Hill Education and Respondus, read the press release.


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Originally Published: February 19, 2007

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