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StudyMate Author 2.0 Now Available

The final release of StudyMate Author 2.0 is now available. The newest version includes publishing options for iPods, a new template for “calculated” questions, the ability to embed audio clips, SCORM enhancements, and more.

Although we were tempted to write a long-winded article with clever phrases and enticing descriptions of the many, many virtues of StudyMate Author 2.0, we instead chose to provide a simple list of links for obtaining more information:

StudyMate Author 2.0 Information
Demonstration Movie:
Product Description:
Overview of New Features:
“Quick Start Guide” for Instructors:
Full User Guide:
Sample Activities:
Download the 30-day trial:

If your institution has a StudyMate Author Campus-wide License, the installation program for StudyMate Author 2.0 can be obtained from the administrator of your license.

If you previously purchased a single-user license of StudyMate Author 1.5, you can upgrade for free by downloading StudyMate Author 2.0 from our website and installing it to the same computer that has your StudyMate Author 1.5 application. The licensing information from the earlier installation of StudyMate Author will be automatically detected and used with the new version.


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Originally Published: February 19, 2007

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