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Respondus 3.5 Now Available

The final release of Responds 3.5 is now available. Among other enhancements, Respondus 3.5 allows the importing of questions with embedded images from MS Word format. Another new feature allows questions to be imported from tab/comma delimited formats. (Click here to read a related article describing the new importing features.)

Upgrading to Respondus 3.5
Institutions with a campus-wide license of Respondus receive all updates as part of their annual subscription fee. “Single-user” licensors of Respondus 3.0 can also obtain the 3.5 update at no additional charge.
By default, the Respondus 3.5 setup application will create a new folder. This allows Respondus 3.5 to be installed without affecting a Respondus 3.0 installation (a new shortcut for Respondus 3.5 will also appear on the Windows desktop). The Respondus file format hasn't changed, so project files can be opened or modified with either Respondus 3.0 or Respondus 3.5.
To upgrade to Respondus 3.5, following these steps: 

  • Start your computer and make sure it is connected to the Internet
  • Start Respondus 3.0
  • Select Help
  • Select Check for Update
  • Select Get Update
  • Upon exiting Respondus, you will be upgraded to version 3.0.4d and you’ll be prompted to exit the software. (Respondus 3.0.4d includes a new installer that is needed for upgrading to Respondus 3.5)
  • Start Respondus again and repeat the above steps (ie. select Help > Check for Update > Get Update).
  • The setup application for Respondus 3.5 will then begin. Following the installation steps shown.

Source: Respondus, Inc. (
Originally Published: May 1, 2006

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