Reinstalling or Installing Respondus to a Second Computer

If you previously purchased a single-user license of Respondus and would like to obtain a second activation password according to the terms and conditions for reinstallation, submit the information requested in the form below.

Important notes:

All fields are required. Use a valid e-mail address to receive your password. No provided information is resold to third parties. Read our Privacy Statement.

Request for Second Respondus Activation Password

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Enter your original Product ID# for Respondus:

Note: If you no longer have the original registration information, you can find the Product ID number by going to Help > About Respondus. (Sorry, we cannot provide you a second activation password if you cannot provide us the original Product ID#.)

Download and install the Respondus software to the second computer. A new Product ID# will appear on the screen. Enter that here:

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By selecting this checkbox, I indicate that the new installation of Respondus is for my personal use and that both copies of the software will never be run simultaneously. I agree to abide by the Respondus software license.

Please indicate the reason you are requesting a second Activation Password:
I want to use Respondus on both a home computer and a work computer
I want to install Respondus on a travel computer that only I will use
I want to reinstall Respondus (e.g., upgraded computer, reformatted hard drive)
Other (please specify)

Only press Request one time. If you do not press the Request button we will not receive your information. A confirmation screen will appear.