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Which learning management systems does StudyMate Class integrate with?

StudyMate Class integrates with Blackboard Learn 9.x, Canvas, Desire2Learn LE (9.4.1+), Moodle (1.9+), and ANGEL (7.3+).

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How does StudyMate Class integrate with the LMS?

Each LMS uses an integration component (Blackboard Building Block, Canvas External Learning Tool, Desire2Learn External Learning Tool interface, Moodle Module, or ANGEL Learning Object).

StudyMate Class appears within the online course like any other tool, so no additional downloads or plug-ins are required. The integration is seamless. For example, grades are passed to the grade book in the LMS, and questions created by students can be copied directly to the assessment engine within the LMS.

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Getting Started & Creating Content


How do I create a new StudyMate Class project in my online course?

The steps are simple, but each learning management system uses a slightly different approach. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for the LMS being used for these details.

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What kinds of learning activities are included in StudyMate Class?

StudyMate Class includes a dozen learning activities, self-assessments and games. These include: Fact Cards, Fact Cards Plus, Flash Cards, Pick a Letter, Fill in the Blank, Glossary, Matching, Crosswords, Quiz, Challenge, and Show All. There is also a "Text View" version of the content that's usable with browser-enabled screen readers.

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What is the "MyStudyMate" project type?

When an instructor creates a "MyStudyMate" project, students work independently to enter and review items. Content is only accessible by the student who created it, and by their instructor. The instructor can monitor and assess each student's work and enter scores from the Grade tab.

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How can images be added to an item?

From the Edit tab, select a template and click within a field. A camera icon will appear to the right of that field if an image can be added. Click on the camera icon and upload the desired image. Only one image per field is permitted (one for the question wording, one for each answer, if applicable). The image will be automatically resized, and it will be positioned at the start or the end of the associated text as selected. Alt text can be added as appropriate. Supported file types include .jpg, .gif, .png, or .bmp, up to 5 MB.

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How can I bring content from other sources into StudyMate Class?

The Import feature in StudyMate Class (found at the bottom of the Edit tab) can be used to bring in multiple choice items from Respondus 4.0 and most items from a StudyMate Author file. Instructors can also import content from other StudyMate Class projects.

In addition, the Test Bank Network tab provides access to thousands of official publisher test banks designed specifically for use with StudyMate Class. This means that instructors can request and access test banks from within the application, and use items in learning activities and games. For more information on the Respondus Test Bank Network, please visit

Refer to the Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions.

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Can I copy items from one StudyMate Class project to another?

Yes. The Export/Copy feature in StudyMate Class (located at the bottom of the Edit tab) allows an instructor to export items from a StudyMate project as an XML file. The file can then be imported into another StudyMate Class project.

This feature also allows the instructor to select multiple choice items from a StudyMate Class project and copy them to an assessment in the learning management system.

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How do I see what students have contributed?

There are two ways to see the Edit History of items in a StudyMate Class project. On the Edit tab, click Expanded View. If an item has been edited, the option to view the Edit History will appear and the changes will be highlighted. On the Grade tab, after clicking a student name, the Edit History for each item will be displayed.

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How are "Topics" (i.e. categories) created for items? Can students create Topics?

Only the instructor can create Topics for items in a StudyMate Class project. If students are permitted to add items to a project, they will then be able to assign a Topic to the items they enter.

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Test Bank Network


Is there a cost to use the test banks from the Test Bank Network?

No, there is no additional cost for the test bank, as long as you are an instructor who meets the adoption criteria of the publisher. Remember, though, that the test banks are the property of the publisher. Use of this material is contingent upon adherence to the publisher's rules of use.

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How do I request a test bank?

The search form is available from the Respondus website at, as well as from the Test Bank Network tab in StudyMate Class. Simply search on the title, author, or keyword(s) to find the textbook in use. Select "More Information" and fill out and submit the request for the test bank. The publisher will send you a File Code and File Password via email within 1-3 days. With this information, you can register the test bank within StudyMate Class.

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How are questions from test banks used with the Fact or Term/Definition templates?

The Fact or Term/Definition items that can be selected from the Test Bank Network are automatically generated from questions in the associated test bank.

For example, a Multiple Choice item would be converted to a Term/Definition item by pairing the question wording with the correct answer and dropping the incorrect distracters.

This means that instructors do not have to recreate items manually, and students are able to review the same material in many different ways.

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How can I view items in StudyMate Class after I've selected them from a test bank?

Once items have been selected from the Test Bank Network tab in StudyMate Class, you can view them using the learning activities on the View tab. Multiple choice items can be viewed in the Quiz and Challenge Activities, Term/Definition items can be viewed in the Flash Cards, Pick a Letter, Fill in the Blank, Glossary, Matching, and Crosswords activities; Fact items can be viewed in the Fact Cards and Fact Cards Plus activities.

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Can I edit items from the test bank once they are copied to a StudyMate Class project?

Yes, once an item has been copied from a test bank into a StudyMate Class project, it can be edited from the Edit tab.

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I already have test banks that I downloaded to use with Respondus 4; can I use them with StudyMate Class, too?

If you retained the File Code and Password provided by the publisher for a particular test bank, use that information to register the test bank from within StudyMate Class.

If you no longer have the File Code and Password, you will need to request it from the publisher again. From the Respondus website at, search for the textbook and submit the request form. Or, if you are in StudyMate Class, go to the Test Bank Network tab, search for the text book, and submit the request form.

The publisher will then provide the File Code and Password by email within 1-3 days. Then, use this information to register the test bank from within StudyMate Class.

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Instructor Settings


How can I control what my students can edit?

An Editing Rights setting is available to instructors from the Settings tab. Instructors can limit editing to only items students have created, or can allow everyone in the group or class to edit items in the project. There is also a setting to prevent further editing once the instructor has made changes to an item.

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Can StudyMate Class be used with non-English languages?

Yes. On the Settings tab, six language options are available: English, French, German, Finnish, Spanish, and Dutch. It is possible to set one language for the learning activities themselves, and another language for the user interface throughout StudyMate Class.

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Which mobile devices or smart phones work with StudyMate Class?

Nearly all mobile devices that have a browser can be used with StudyMate Class. Simply login to the course and navigate to the StudyMate Class project. StudyMate will detect the mobile device and deliver custom pages for that browser. This approach will work with BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Android, and the line of iPhone-based devices.

In addition, users can download a free "StudyMate LMS Edition" app from iTunes (for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch), the Android Marketplace/Google Play (for the Android), or from the Amazon Appstore (for the Kindle Fire).

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What is the difference between the app and the browser-based solution for mobile devices?

The browser solution works just like a standard browser, but detects the type of mobile device and serves up custom pages designed for the device's browser.

"StudyMate LMS Edition" is a standard app that is downloaded and installed to an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, or Kindle Fire. Following a synchronization process at startup, the user can work offline. The app doesn't require a login each time (after an initial setup), it greatly simplifies navigation, it displays all StudyMate Class projects across the course from a single location, and so forth. However, in the app version, you can only access the View tab, whereas all tabs are available from the browser-based mobile solution.

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