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New Features in StudyMate 2.0

There are many new features and enhancements in StudyMate 2.0. The most notable features are as follows:

  • iPod Activities
    The Publish Wizard has an option for generating files compatible with iPods and other "Small Screen Devices". When this option is selected, an extra download link will appear to students allowing them to download an iPod-compatible file that includes custom versions of the Fact Cards, Flash Cards, and Multiple Choice activities.

  • Calculated Question Template
    A “Calculated Question” template has been added to the Edit menu in StudyMate. This question type allows the creation of algorithmic questions, such as “A train is traveling at {X} miles per hour for {Y} hours…”. Random numeric values are generated within the question wording, giving students a new question each time the Flash object is started. Items created with the Calculated Question template can be used with the “Quiz” and “Challenge” activities.

  • Embedded Audio Clips
    Previous versions of StudyMate only allow linking to an audio file that is stored on another server. Now it’s possible to add audio clips (MP3, WAV) to the Flash activity itself. If you teach a foreign language course, this feature is for you!

  • SCORM Enhancements
    SCORM objects created with previous versions of StudyMate can generate a grade, but only from the “Quiz” activity. Instructors can now choose any StudyMate activity (such as Crosswords or Pick-A-Letter) for passing a grade from the SCORM object to the gradebook.

  • Rapid Authoring
    Do you ever find yourself entering the same basic information across the three StudyMate templates (Multiple Choice, One Answer, No Answer) so that the item will appear in all 10 activities and games? A new option on the Edit menu streamlines this process so the main information only has to be entered once.

  • SWF Collection
    The Publish Wizard offers a new output option called “SWF Collection”. This feature allows the creation of a Flash activity that doesn’t require an accompanying HTML page to launch it. This is an advanced feature for users who want to create a StudyMate activity that will be incorporated into another Flash project or within a different set of HTML pages.

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