Downloading a Test Bank to StudyMate Author

The screenshots below demonstrate how to download a test bank for use with StudyMate Author.

1) Search for the textbook being using in the course at

2) Select the textbook and submit the request form. The publisher will send a File Code and Password via email within 1-3 days.

When the File Code and Password is received, go to the Start menu in StudyMate Author, and click Open.

4) Click the Download a Test Bank button and fill out the form with the information requested:
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5) Open the Projects folder, select the test bank, and then select the chapter or file to be used.
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6) The file will open in the Edit tab, where items can be reviewed or edited in StudyMate Author.
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7) Alternatively, the Quick Copy Wizard can be used to automatically or manually select items for a new file or an existing file.
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