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Respondus Monitor is used at hundreds of institutions across the world. Here is what some users are saying.

gives more credibility to our online courses
With LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor, the grade distribution on exams for online courses is more consistent with what we obtain in face-to-face courses. This gives more credibility to our online courses, and increases faculty confidence in online testing.
~ Gina Robinson St. John’s University
the best option for large-scale deployment
What made Respondus Monitor so compelling is that it’s cost-effective and can be used in a broad range of courses... Live proctoring simply isn’t scalable and is very expensive. We’ll use live proctoring if there is a specific situation that requires it, but Respondus Monitor is the best option for large-scale deployment.
~ Wendy Lampner University of Akron
gaining back class time for teaching
Respondus Monitor gives me confidence about using online tests in my face-to-face classes. Students take the exams outside of classroom time, so I've gained six hours of teaching in each course. This has really changed my classes for the better.
~ Gina Brandl Mid-State Technical College
we can approach our accreditation board with confidence
Respondus Monitor was the ideal solution for us. Support issues are minimal, it’s easy for instructors to use, and students don’t have to pay fees to take their exams. Everyone is happy... As an institution, we can approach our accreditation board with confidence, knowing that significant steps were taken to ensure honesty within our online education program.
~ Sid Beitler Palm Beach State Community College
students know they can’t cheat
Respondus Monitor reduces the level of cheating very significantly. On average, test scores dropped by 10 percentage points -- with no other changes made to the course or exam questions. Simply put, students know they can’t cheat when using Respondus Monitor. And I get a truer picture of how each student is performing.
~ Dr. Pats Neelakantan East Stroudsburg University of PA
making online courses fully online
We want our online courses to be fully online, and Respondus Monitor makes that possible. Students don’t need to come to campus anymore to take tests... Respondus Monitor also reduces crowding at proctored testing labs and helps conserve large amounts of paper that used to be used for printed tests.
~ Elizabeth Rodriguez Laredo Community College
other options were cost-prohibitive
LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor have been overwhelmingly accepted by students. Prior to this, students were driving great distances or incurring costs at proctoring locations… Other options were cost-prohibitive when looked at from a mass deployment standpoint. Features, cost, and the comfort level of students all played a part in our decision-making process.
~ Jeremy Bond Central Michigan University
peace of mind... and convenience
For me, the best thing about Respondus Monitor is peace of mind... For students, it’s convenience. Quizzes can be done at any time, even the middle of the night. Students can come to campus to take assessments in proctored labs, or they can use Respondus Monitor. Some students live 30-40 minutes from campus, so they generally opt for Respondus Monitor.
~ Gina Garrett Rhodes State College

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